Black and White Tegu

Regular $800. Sale: $600

Great for the experienced Herpetologist

If you want a real dinosaur of a lizard, this may be your to go pet. They will reach of a size of 3-4 feet and will require some space. Tegus are quite docile if handled regulary. Want a dog but not the hair, check out this guy.



Teddy bear hamster have adorable faces.

They are small and cuddly making them the rock star of the small animal world. Hamsters are solitary animals, so only one per cage.  Hamsters need to be handled gently and their homes cleaned regularly. Did you know? Hamsters can be potty trained in their cage. Great pet for the responsible child or adult.



Hairless Guinea Pig

We have the Canadian House Hippos.  These sweeties require the same basic care as a Hairy Guinea Pig .  Because of their delicate skin they do need to be on a softer bedding such as Living World Fresh n Easy recycled paper bedding.  They also tend to get  cold easier because they are kind of naked.  Great pets for the young and young at heart.

Bearded Dragon

$170.00/each.  Save $100 with purchase of starter kit!

These stunning lizards make great pets for the novice reptile owner.

The Beardie is a social lizard, easy to train and to handle.  Put a proper leash on them and take them for a walk in the park.  Diet consists of live crickets, worms, other insects and veggies. Have questions, give us a call and we can help you to decided if this is the right lizard for you and your family.

Leopard Gecko


Popular Beginner Reptile

These quirky geckos are popular with novice and experienced lizard owners.