Fancy Goldfish

Fancy goldfish are a diverse group of unique varieties that can add a glamorous touch to your aquarium. Each type has its own distinctive features, from fluid-filled sacs to quadruple tail fins. Despite their unique appearance, they don't require any special care and can be easily looked after by most people. The only requirement is to keep their tank clean to ensure their health and wellbeing. Fancy goldfish are peaceful and slow-swimming, so you don't need to worry about other fish in your aquarium. However, you should be cautious if you have aggressive tank mates that may attack them. If you're interested in getting fancy goldfish, you should be prepared to regularly clean their tank to prevent illnesses. Although maintaining their tank can require some time and effort, it's not too difficult and can be easily managed. Fancy goldfish typically live for 5 to 10 years, depending on their type and individual characteristics. The type of fancy goldfish you choose will also determine their color, shape, and size. On average, they grow up to 5-6 inches in size.

Gold Oranda goldfish