Robo Hamster


Have you ever seen the smallest, fastest hamster? Trust me, they are not only tiny but also incredibly cute!

Robo hamsters are nocturnal and love to stay active throughout the night, so you might hear some soft sounds when they're up and about. Just a heads up - if you're a light sleeper, it's best to keep their enclosure out of your bedroom. The best thing about Robo hamsters is that they're low-maintenance pets, which means you don't have to spend too much time taking care of them. They're really entertaining to watch, but they're not the cuddliest animals and prefer not to be handled too much. Although they're usually calm, they might nip if startled, so be gentle with them. The good news is that you can train them to take treats from your hand! Get ready for some fun times with your new Robo Hamster! These hamsters are reasonably low-maintenance pets and can be quite entertaining to watch. But they’re not very cuddly animals and generally don’t like a lot of handling. While they’re usually docile, they might nip if you startle them. You can train them to take treats from your hand.


Budgie (Parakeet)


"Social, energetic, playful, smart, fun, and affectionate."

Budgies, also known as parakeets, are often considered easy-to-care-for birds, especially for beginners. However, they are social and outgoing creatures that require the same amount of care and attention as larger parrots. Budgies are playful, have a great love for food, and can compete with other parrots when it comes to their ability to talk.




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 Those who keep pet Parrotlets often report that they have feisty, sassy personalities that seem too big for their little bodies.

They make wonderful pets and will quickly become members of the family. Highly intelligent creatures can often be taught tricks and learn to talk. Parrotlets have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Parrotlets kept as single birds make the best pets.

We sometimes have baby hand-tame parrotlets.




Gerbils are social animals that live in colonies in the wild. They are active, curious, and playful creatures but tend to be relatively quiet. To accommodate their natural burrowing behavior, it is best to keep them in glass aquariums with a deep layer of bedding. Gerbils have a tendency to eat plastic, so it is recommended that they avoid plastic enclosures. Remember, the more gerbils you have, the merrier they will be!

Linnie Parakeet

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Social, Energetic, Playful, Smart, Fun, Affectionate

These playful birds are quieter than most parakeets—they tend to chatter rather than screech and can be very able talkers, enunciating clearly, though with a more limited vocabulary than other parrots. These birds are very good at mimicking sounds and whistles.  Linnies are a bit stockier than budgies and, unlike budgies, these birds enjoy walking about as much as they do flying. Linnies like to walk and perch with their bodies almost parallel or horizontal to the ground. These birds also love to play in the water.


Mice and Rats

Rats as pets? Absolutely!

"Start taking care of rats from a young age and they will become your affectionate companions who will enjoy spending time in your hoodie pocket. Rats are intelligent, charming, persistent, opinionated, and funny creatures that are truly fascinating. Each rat has its unique personality, and they are always eager to explore the world around them. As rats are social animals, it is recommended to have at least two rats of the same sex."

Mice can make excellent pets.

Mice are friendly and social animals that live in groups where they take care of each other. They can be trained through positive reinforcement and patience. When getting mice as pets, it is recommended to get at least two mice of the same sex.